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OT3s: Are there any awesome OT3s out there? Are any of them all from the same canon? Can you still call is femslash if one of the three is a man?

I can't speak on this topic authoritatively but I have some thoughts based on my personal experience.

Two examples of relatively popular f/f/f that come to mind are Kat/Jo/Roxy from Eastwick and Ty Lee/Mai/Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender. I quite liked the Ty Lee/Mai/Azula vid Bad Romance.

There are a couple of canon or almost canon f/f/f threesomes in Dragon Age (Leliana/Warden/Isabela in Origins and Merril/Hawke/Isabela in DA2) but as with f/f in general they're not particularly popular. There is a moderate amount of f/f/f in the f/f section of the kink meme, but (unsurprisingly given the context) most of it seems to be pwp and I don't think I've come across any longer, more plotty/shippy/character-driven f/f/f (which is more what I'm after)

I avoid anything sexually explicit in Homestuck fandom since most of the characters are underage, but I've still encountered some f/f/f (and f/f/f/f), which isn't surprising given how femslash friendly canon and fandom are. There's lots of possibilities, but Vriska/Kanaya/Rose is the most obvious and as a love triangle is practically canon.

I've encountered a lot more m/f/f than f/f/f, and I think such stories can count as femslash (and I would usually tag them as such), but in the same way as other stories which contain both het/slash and femslash pairings: the overall categorisation of the story depends on what is foregrounded by the narrative.

Some possibilities that I have seen in increasing levels of femslashiness, and some places I've seen them used in fanworks:

A love triangle where the women decide to share the man (Katara/Zuko/Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender). Really not femslash at all.

A friends with benefits f/f relationship which continues but takes a backseat once the female protagonist gets a boyfriend (Isabela/f!Hawke/Fenris and Isabela/f!Hawke/Anders in Dragon Age 2) Kinda femslashy.

A love triangle where the women decide to share the man and decide they like each other too. (f!Warden/Alistair/Alistair's wife in Dragon Age Origins, Katara/Zuko/Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender) Femslashiness depends on the emphasis.

Other examples of m/f/f where one or both m/f relationships are foregrounded: not really femslash.

m/f/f where no sub relationship is foregrounded. (Isabela/f!Hawke/Fenris from Dragon Age 2, though only as pwp or art) I sort of count this as femslash? But it really is m/f/f as it's own category.

In general, m/f/f where the f/f relationship is foregrounded: femslash.

Usually historical: An f/f relationship which breaks up when one of the women marries but the story doesn't care about the m/f relationship except as a source of angst. (Gilbert/Anne/Diana from Anne of Green Gables) Definitely femslash.

An f/f relationship which does not break up when one of the women marries and the story doesn't care about the m/f relationship except as it affects the f/f one. (I'm sure I've seen this but no examples come to mind. Leliana/f!Cousland/Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins is this in canon) About as femslashy as m/f/f can be.

And that's the examples that come to mind. Since this is supposed to be "mini" meta I will stop there :)
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