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There seems to be slight confusion about this and I guess I didn't make it very clear. The discussion prompts (posted on Mondays) are taken from the mini meta fests prompt lists. The Monday discussion prompt is then picked pretty much at random.

Pairing the Spares: Femslashing When There's Only Two Female Characters

Where's the Femslash Little Black Dress?

Crossover femslash: Not just a last resort.

The joys of femslash multishipping.

Fandoms that are dominated by f/f - where almost all the fic is femslash. How do those fandoms/fannish communities differ from others, if at all?

Where Is All My Hot Lesbian Porn? It's been noted that explicit f/f is significantly rarer than explicit m/m. Why? How do we fix that? Does it even need fixing?

Representing bisexual women - especially in cases when we're representing our own sexual identities/experiences

Straight women writing femslash: challenges/concerns/joys thereof

Homoerotic Subtext: Not Just For Boys

Yes It's F-ing Political: Femslashing as Response To Too Many Dead Lesbians in Canon
Learning to Love Ourselves: Using Femslash to break societally ingrained negative attitudes to other women and ourselves

Slash fandom is full of girls; where are all the boys in femslash fandom?

BigBang: Where are the novel-length stories in femmeslash?

From schoolgirls to women of age: Writing about all ages. What are the kinks/joys/problems?

LBTQI, Genderswap and Crossdressing: an attempt of a definition of FEMMEslash

Do you tend to write Mary-Sues when you write femmeslash?

Is Femslash more acceptable now than it used to be? Are we still pushing against ingrained ideas of how f/f porn is only for straight men?

The apparent prevalence of TV show fandoms in femslash vs comic, film or book fandoms. Judging by Archive of Our Own's count, there are nearly as much book fandom fic as there is TV series fic, but femslash seems to me to be geared towards film and TV. Why is that? Or is this just me?

Do we even want men in femslash fandom - and what difference does it make in women's comfort level if those men are queer? I'd love to see some discussion on female vs male spaces and the heteronormative paradigm in fandom and in porn.

There's a lot of talk about femslash vs. slash. How about femslash vs. het? Queer het, polyamorous situations, etc? Is femslash more about installing the queer and female experience into heteronormative fiction that tends to make gayness invisible or marginalized, than it is about lesbianism specifically?

The difference between writing a femslash pairing that is a canon romantic relationship in the source material and writing a femslash pairing that is not a canon romantic relationship in the source material.

Comparing and/or contrasting the amount of femslash borne of TV series/books/movies that have either the Bechdel Test, the Smurfette Principle, or the Female Success is Family. (Warning: Links go to TVTropes)

Polyamory and femslash: Is it just the easiest way to get around the OTP issues?
Femslash and small fandoms: How can these smaller fandoms get a break in the greater femslash community?
International Day of Femslash: Does it accomplish its initial goals or does it simply flood people's flist/circles on that one day each year?

What does femslash fandom offer that het / slash fandom doesn't? (Beyond, you know, the obvious!)
Femslash pairings in the background - thoughts on including femslash in fic that is primarily slash / het.
Tags and categories at the AO3: how do you (make it easy for readers to) find the femslash?

Femslash at Yuletide. (There are lots of directions this could go, but one that interests me is that fans who don't normally read or write femslash often seem to end up requesting or writing it just for this one challenge.)

Femslash fanart: what are some of the joys and challenges of drawing girls in love?

X-rated fiction: word choices, or why not call it cunt?

X-rated fiction: why is there so little? (yes, this has been discussed many times, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one writing porn)

Being the "other", on the names slash and femslash (almost like calling it football and womens football, no?)

Clich├ęs and tropes: where are all the high school fics, and the "I'm only gay for you"-fics?

Girls into Boys or Boys into Girls: Genderswap in femslash.

Has femslash become too conservative (lower case "c" conservative)? Or, Where's the experimental fic/crack fic/genderswap/wingfic/just plain screwy, out there fic and why don't we see more of it?

OT3s: Are there any awesome OT3s out there? Are any of them all from the same canon? Can you still call is femslash if one of the three is a man?

Defining femslash: what does the term mean to you?

Posting: Where femslash writers post/why/where femslash writers don't post/why (prompted by observances that there is not a ton of femslash on Ao3)

Unusual pairings and crossovers: when there's only one woman in the main cast, but you want to write the femslash anyway.

Femslash over 40: It's not all about young characters. Is there a significantly different process for working with characters over 40? Does age matter at all?

No pithy prompt, but I'd love to see a discussion of sexuality-how we conceptualize it for characters, write it in, leave it out...fluid or fixed. Is it too often assumed in femslash that the characters are lesbians, closet lesbians and not bi, poly, etc.?

Kink and femmeslash - I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this. I'm interested, in particular, in female tops and how people write them, read them, and think about them, but all ideas would be fantastic

Femmeslash and asexuality - tell me about how you see this. What would femmeslash with one or more asexual partner look like? How would you write it?

Using lesbian cliches in femmeslash fiction- Dead lesbian, pregnant lesbian, crazy/evil lesbian, lesbian who goes back to men- How do f/f writers use and abuse these stereotypes in their fiction? Are their any good examples that change the rules?

Real Person Femmeslash- Hot or not? Do you read it? Do you write it? Do you wish there was more? Or is it something you wish there was less of?

Religion and femmeslash- How does a character's religion/beliefs (or lack their of) influence what and how you read/write?

Crossover femslash--why do you write/read it or not write/read it? What about the characters, shows, etc. makes you pair up women from different canons? How is it different, or not, from non-crossover fic?

Canon f/f: is it still femslash if it's canon? Do you write about canon f/f pairings? Is writing it any different from writing a non-canon f/f pairing? If so, how?

Differences in femslash in western & non-western fandoms.

Bisexuality. Are characters with canonical male love interests, who are written in femmeslash, automatically bisexual? Does female bisexuality need discussing in fic? Is f/f/m fic, as little of it as there seems to be, inherently bisexual?

Butch identified/fan-assigned butch identity - what does it mean for characters, a story?

I'd love to see asexual lesbians in fandom revisited. Most fandom asexuals I can think of are male.

What about genderqueer lesbians? Do any fandoms even have this?

Genderswapping AUs, etc. Genderswapping has a reputation of being a way to "avoid the gay" in male-dominated fandoms, by switching one character's gender to allow for a romance. Is there good lesbian genderswap out there?

Lovers in a dangerous time: What's your approach to writing femslash in times and places that are notoriously unfriendly for f/f relationships, especially historical settings?

How popular (or influential) is RPFS, anyway? And particularly, amongst female artists (in the male slash example I used, the case would be amongst authors, or even editors, publishers, etc.) Also, I'm more interested and curious about the RPFS of female public figures pre-20th century. But really, any time period will do.

femslash and intersectionality - race, class, ethnicity, disability etc.

femslash and kink

femslash involving older characters

I'd love to read about experiences with femslash podfic as a reader and/or a listener.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the revisited topic of actively bisexual female characters or F/F/M threesomes in erotic fiction. I guess mostly from a reader's point of view. The story has femslash but it also has het... does it work for you? Or for the sake of reading comfortably as femslash and thus being called femslash some walls should be maintained?

Have you ever chosen a fandom for it's femslash potential? Which fandoms / pairings?

This is mainly so I don't have to come up with a discussion prompt all on my lonesome. If you have a prompt feel free to leave a comment. They don't need to be femslash, just female friendly.

Edit: Remember this is a prompt post only! If you see something you desperately want to respond to you have two options. Option 1 (and my favorite): Make a new post to the community and lay out your thoughts. Option 2: Wait for me to use it as a discussion topic. Option 1 is clearly the better one, but you can wait if you want.


Date: 2012-08-03 06:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] el_staplador
Class differences in femslash. Some of my favourite rarefandom pairings, particularly in Shakespeare and opera, feature a lady and her maid. Or think about Gwen/Morgana in Merlin, or Jenny/Madame Vastra in Doctor Who. What are others' experiences with writing or reading class inequalities?


Date: 2012-08-10 04:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fred_mouse
I think that it often works very well for historical and semi-historical settings (I'm thinking Vastra/Jenny there), because it doesn't require me to have any suspension of disbelief about the pairing finding the opportunity to be together, *and * doesn't require me to have detailed understandings of the social mores of the time.

However, I also have seen at least one case (which I haven't kept in memory - to the point i don't remember if it was fandom or paid!fic) where the power inequalities were handled very poorly, and I was quite disturbed. Had it been written as dark fic, I could see that I would have accepted it, but I think it was meant to be fluffy and romantic. But then, in some ways some of the 'historical' fic that was contemporary when it was written (I'm thinking Georgette Heyer generically, although I know that it isn't always the case, as well as 'Tess of the Durbervilles' in specific) shows some very unpleasant realities of the class divide.

And this is very specific to works set in the UK,nbecause I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I've read (fanfic wise at least) set in other cultures. And even here, the cultures are very limited, based on my expectations of who would be acceptable as aristocracy, and thus be likely to have a lady's maid.


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