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TWC special issue on Queer Female Fandom

Transformative Works and Cultures (the scholarly journal published by the Organization for Transformative Works) is seeking submissions for a special issue on femslash and other fan activities around queer female characters and pairings. In particular, "Symposium" essays are 1500-2500 words and often written by non-academics. The full call is under the cut and on Tumblr.

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On women characters and romance

Over on my journal, I wrote up some rough thoughts on women characters, romantic subplots, and the way fandom reacts to them. (Basic conclusion: not great.)

Over here.
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White Collar meta

I wrote a meta post on White Collar's Sara Ellis and why I consider her such a feminist character.

Why Sara Ellis is One of the Most Feminist Characters on TV
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Panfandom Femslash Meta

What do I want from femslash? I'm in it for the characterization.

In case you feel like talking about what you'd like from femslash characterization, or about femslash, or just femslash in general.
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orange is the new black

Is there an active fandom for this show yet? It is all about the ladies. There are awesome WOC and a trans character played by a trans actress. I haven't found much fic yet and there don't seem to be any communities. Help?
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Comment Meta

Femslash Mini Meta fest was an utter fail this year. And I'm still not in a place where I could do it, so I purpose Comment Meta. And let's have it cover all things female and fannish. However you define those.

How it works

1. Post a meta topic in a top level comment. Use the subject line for the meta subject and expand as you want in the body of the comment. Or don't.

2. Repeat Step 1 for as many meta ideas as you have.

3. Comment on other meta topics.

It's kinda like a kink meme, only with meta. Feel free to browse the mini meta tag for ideas.

This is meant to be about as low pressure as it comes. Feel free to write on your own journal/Tumblr/blog and link back here. Respond with as little or as much as you want. This post will remain open indefinitely, so please track it if that makes things easier for you.

friending meme

3 weeks for DW

Make new DW friends and find like-minded people :)
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Multifandom meta fest: Meta Month of May

[community profile] month_of_meta is a month-long meta fest for all kinds of meta - general discussion about fandom, writing, vidding, etc. as well as fandom-specific meta. We're looking forward to a great variety of meta topics and a lot of discussion, hopefully including some meta about femslash and women! :)

From April 15th, you can sign up with a topic you want to write about, and a day in May when you'd like to post it - or you can post spontaneously during May. (There's also a post for requesting and suggesting meta topics if you need inspiration!) You can find the full rules here.

The fest is run through [community profile] month_of_meta and [ profile] month_of_meta.

Sign-ups are open now on LJ and on DW!
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fem_thoughts in 2013

New year, new goals. That's how it works right? So what would you, the people of this community, like to see happen in 2013? We've got the femslash mini meta fest towards the end of April, but that leaves a whole lot of the year left for stuff.

Throw out your suggestions and discuss!
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Discussion prompt

Pairing the Spares: Femslashing When There's Only Two Female Characters

Got a prompt? Leave it here.
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Discussion prompt

Provided by [personal profile] el_staplador

Class differences in femslash. Some of my favourite rarefandom pairings, particularly in Shakespeare and opera, feature a lady and her maid. Or think about Gwen/Morgana in Merlin, or Jenny/Madame Vastra in Doctor Who. What are others' experiences with writing or reading class inequalities?

Have a prompt? Leave it here.
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Discussion prompts

There seems to be slight confusion about this and I guess I didn't make it very clear. The discussion prompts (posted on Mondays) are taken from the mini meta fests prompt lists. The Monday discussion prompt is then picked pretty much at random.

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This is mainly so I don't have to come up with a discussion prompt all on my lonesome. If you have a prompt feel free to leave a comment. They don't need to be femslash, just female friendly.

Edit: Remember this is a prompt post only! If you see something you desperately want to respond to you have two options. Option 1 (and my favorite): Make a new post to the community and lay out your thoughts. Option 2: Wait for me to use it as a discussion topic. Option 1 is clearly the better one, but you can wait if you want.
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Discussion prompt

BigBang: Where are the novel-length stories in femmeslash?
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Discussion prompt

I'm going to attempt to post these on a regular basis. Either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on how much activity there is. Discussion prompts will be taken randomly from the mini-meta prompt posts.

Genderswapping AUs, etc. Genderswapping has a reputation of being a way to "avoid the gay" in male-dominated fandoms, by switching one character's gender to allow for a romance. Is there good lesbian genderswap out there?
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experiences with femslash podfic as a reader and/or a listener.

Squeezing this one in just before the end of the fest here. Now I really want to go and record some more podfic...

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Mini-meta on writing femslash in difficult eras or locations

I posted a mini-meta on femslash set in difficult times and places that includes four suggestions, some examples (from books, films, and my own stories), and a bonus quote on the topic from Sarah Waters. It's on my DW.
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Femslash and Kink

I wanted to try one of these.  So, here it goes.


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Also, on a related note though not specifically femslash, I have a short rant of sorts about Kink as a catch all phrase at my journal-
I welcome thoughts.
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Crossover femslash: one of my experiences

In response to a prompt from last year: Crossover femslash--why do you write/read it or not write/read it? What about the characters, shows, etc. makes you pair up women from different canons? How is it different, or not, from non-crossover fic? -- I wrote a mini-meta on how I approached one of my crossover couples at my journal.