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[personal profile] twtd asked me about it and thus Femslash Mini Meta Fest shall be an annual event.

For those who don't know: Mini meta is like regular meta, only mini. The aim isn't to end up with thousands of words of meta, but somewhere around 300 words. (Although if you get inspired and write thousands of words no one will complain and similarly if you only have 100 words in you for the topic that is fine as well.) This, hopefully, creates much less pressure and allows more people to post what is on their minds without worrying about it being the most perfect thing ever.

The rules will be similar to last year's fest, with a few minor modifications.

1. Submit topics you want to see meta about. These can be anything so long as it relates to femslash. They will be listed at the bottom of this post for everyone to see.

Sample prompts from last year:

  • Where's the Femslash Little Black Dress?
  • BSG fandom - why the femslash was so strong in the beginning and middle, and why it's faded a bit. What can other fandoms learn from that, not to mention other shows?
  • Yes It's F-ing Political: Femslashing as Response To Too Many Dead Lesbians in Canon

2. Write meta about the topics. Don't worry if someone else has already written about a topic you wanted to write about, multiple posts about the same topic are encouraged. You can even write mini meta in response to someone else's meta.

You can post directly to [community profile] fem_thoughts or you can post to your journal and link us. I'll put up a post so that people who aren't on DreamWidth can post mini meta in the comments. Here is the post for people who don't have a DreamWidth to post mini meta in the comments.

3. Discuss the meta!

Prompt List

  • X-rated fiction: word choices, or why not call it cunt?
  • X-rated fiction: why is there so little? (yes, this has been discussed many times, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one writing porn)
  • Being the "other", on the names slash and femslash (almost like calling it football and womens football, no?)
  • Clich├ęs and tropes: where are all the high school fics, and the "I'm only gay for you"-fics?
  • Girls into Boys or Boys into Girls: Genderswap in femslash.
  • Has femslash become too conservative (lower case "c" conservative)? Or, Where's the experimental fic/crack fic/genderswap/wingfic/just plain screwy, out there fic and why don't we see more of it?
  • OT3s: Are there any awesome OT3s out there? Are any of them all from the same canon? Can you still call is femslash if one of the three is a man?
  • Defining femslash: what does the term mean to you?
  • Posting: Where femslash writers post/why/where femslash writers don't post/why (prompted by observances that there is not a ton of femslash on Ao3)
  • Unusual pairings and crossovers: when there's only one woman in the main cast, but you want to write the femslash anyway.
  • Femslash over 40: It's not all about young characters. Is there a significantly different process for working with characters over 40? Does age matter at all?
  • No pithy prompt, but I'd love to see a discussion of sexuality-how we conceptualize it for characters, write it in, leave it out...fluid or fixed. Is it too often assumed in femslash that the characters are lesbians, closet lesbians and not bi, poly, etc.?
  • Kink and femmeslash - I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this. I'm interested, in particular, in female tops and how people write them, read them, and think about them, but all ideas would be fantastic
  • Femmeslash and asexuality - tell me about how you see this. What would femmeslash with one or more asexual partner look like? How would you write it?
  • Using lesbian cliches in femmeslash fiction- Dead lesbian, pregnant lesbian, crazy/evil lesbian, lesbian who goes back to men- How do f/f writers use and abuse these stereotypes in their fiction? Are their any good examples that change the rules?
  • Real Person Femmeslash- Hot or not? Do you read it? Do you write it? Do you wish there was more? Or is it something you wish there was less of?
  • Religion and femmeslash- How does a character's religion/beliefs (or lack their of) influence what and how you read/write?
  • Crossover femslash--why do you write/read it or not write/read it? What about the characters, shows, etc. makes you pair up women from different canons? How is it different, or not, from non-crossover fic?
  • Canon f/f: is it still femslash if it's canon? Do you write about canon f/f pairings? Is writing it any different from writing a non-canon f/f pairing? If so, how?
  • Differences in femslash in western & non-western fandoms.
  • Bisexuality. Are characters with canonical male love interests, who are written in femmeslash, automatically bisexual? Does female bisexuality need discussing in fic? Is f/f/m fic, as little of it as there seems to be, inherently bisexual?


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