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It's time to start writing your mini meta.

-You do not need to claim prompts. Multiple answers for prompts is not only allowed, it's encouraged.
-Consider the prompts jumping points. Your mini meta doesn't need to adhere to them exactly if the prompt inspires you in a different direction.
-Feel free to write a mini meta post in response to someone else's. That can be fun.
-Remember we are shooting for around 300-500 words per meta. You don't have to stick to that completely, but this is meant to be low pressure and rather informal. If you only have 75 words to say on a topic, that's okay. If you find yourself writing 1000 words, that's okay as well.

When posting your mini meta you do not need to post to [community profile] fem_thoughts. You can post to your own journal and provide us with a link. Whatever makes you most comfortable.

Onto the prompts!


  • Pairing the Spares: Femslashing When There's Only Two Female Characters
  • Where's the Femslash Little Black Dress?
  • Crossover femslash: Not just a last resort.
  • The joys of femslash multishipping.
  • Fandoms that are dominated by f/f - where almost all the fic is femslash. How do those fandoms/fannish communities differ from others, if at all?
  • Where Is All My Hot Lesbian Porn? It's been noted that explicit f/f is significantly rarer than explicit m/m. Why? How do we fix that? Does it even need fixing?
  • Representing bisexual women - especially in cases when we're representing our own sexual identities/experiences
  • Straight women writing femslash: challenges/concerns/joys thereof
  • Homoerotic Subtext: Not Just For Boys
  • Yes It's F-ing Political: Femslashing as Response To Too Many Dead Lesbians in Canon
  • Learning to Love Ourselves: Using Femslash to break societally ingrained negative attitudes to other women and ourselves
  • Slash fandom is full of girls; where are all the boys in femslash fandom?
  • BigBang: Where are the novel-length stories in femmeslash?
  • From schoolgirls to women of age: Writing about all ages. What are the kinks/joys/problems?
  • LBTQI, Genderswap and Crossdressing: an attempt of a definition of FEMMEslash
  • Do you tend to write Mary-Sues when you write femmeslash?
  • Is Femslash more acceptable now than it used to be? Are we still pushing against ingrained ideas of how f/f porn is only for straight men?
  • The apparent prevalence of TV show fandoms in femslash vs comic, film or book fandoms. Judging by Archive of Our Own's count, there are nearly as much book fandom fic as there is TV series fic, but femslash seems to me to be geared towards film and TV. Why is that? Or is this just me?
  • Do we even want men in femslash fandom - and what difference does it make in women's comfort level if those men are queer? I'd love to see some discussion on female vs male spaces and the heteronormative paradigm in fandom and in porn.
  • There's a lot of talk about femslash vs. slash. How about femslash vs. het? Queer het, polyamorous situations, etc? Is femslash more about installing the queer and female experience into heteronormative fiction that tends to make gayness invisible or marginalized, than it is about lesbianism specifically?
  • The difference between writing a femslash pairing that is a canon romantic relationship in the source material and writing a femslash pairing that is not a canon romantic relationship in the source material.
  • Comparing and/or contrasting the amount of femslash borne of TV series/books/movies that have either the Bechdel Test, the Smurfette Principle, or the Female Success is Family. (Warning: Links go to TVTropes)
  • Polyamory and femslash: Is it just the easiest way to get around the OTP issues?
  • Femslash and small fandoms: How can these smaller fandoms get a break in the greater femslash community?
  • International Day of Femslash: Does it accomplish its initial goals or does it simply flood people's flist/circles on that one day each year?
  • What does femslash fandom offer that het / slash fandom doesn't? (Beyond, you know, the obvious!)
  • Femslash pairings in the background - thoughts on including femslash in fic that is primarily slash / het.
  • Tags and categories at the AO3: how do you (make it easy for readers to) find the femslash?
  • Femslash at Yuletide. (There are lots of directions this could go, but one that interests me is that fans who don't normally read or write femslash often seem to end up requesting or writing it just for this one challenge.)
  • Femslash fanart: what are some of the joys and challenges of drawing girls in love?

Fandom Specific

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Time: Femslash in Age of Sail fandoms
  • Law & Order: SVU :: Olivia Benson's slashability with the various ADAs over the course of the series. What worked? What didn't?
  • BSG fandom - why the femslash was so strong in the beginning and middle, and why it's faded a bit. What can other fandoms learn from that, not to mention other shows?
  • Femslash and Doctor Who Fandom: Pairing Characters From Different Timelines
  • Particular challenges/concerns/joys of RPF femslash
  • Merlin fandom: how have femslash fans dealt with season 2?

Lots of fun prompts to choose from. The Femslash Mini Meta Fest will officially close on June 1st. Hope to see some interesting meta in the meantime.


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