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Written for the prompt: Crossover femslash: Not just a last resort

The very first femslash story I ever read was a crossover. It was Sam Carter/CJ Cregg and all of a sudden I got the appeal of femslash. Here were two awesome women that I adored and there they were, together, and it was awesome. From there I went on to read some Sam/Janet and various other pairings that I never would've looked at if I hadn't read that one Sam/CJ fic out of a desperate desire for a Stargate/West Wing crossover.

Crossover femslash can be very effective gateway fic.

Crossovers, in general, can be a great way to introduce people to pairings they normally wouldn't consider because they really want to read a Fandom X/Fandom Y fic. This presents great opportunities to introduce people to femslash. I'm not saying that you should write fic for that express purpose, but keep in mind that most crossover fans are used to reading fic with pairings they might not be super excited about. This allows you to introduce them to something that they might not otherwise look at, namely, femslash.

So, don't be afraid to throw in a femslash pairing when writing a crossover fic. It probably won't hurt you and it might just convince someone that femslash is awesome.
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It's time to start writing your mini meta.

-You do not need to claim prompts. Multiple answers for prompts is not only allowed, it's encouraged.
-Consider the prompts jumping points. Your mini meta doesn't need to adhere to them exactly if the prompt inspires you in a different direction.
-Feel free to write a mini meta post in response to someone else's. That can be fun.
-Remember we are shooting for around 300-500 words per meta. You don't have to stick to that completely, but this is meant to be low pressure and rather informal. If you only have 75 words to say on a topic, that's okay. If you find yourself writing 1000 words, that's okay as well.

When posting your mini meta you do not need to post to [community profile] fem_thoughts. You can post to your own journal and provide us with a link. Whatever makes you most comfortable.

Onto the prompts!
prompt list )

Lots of fun prompts to choose from. The Femslash Mini Meta Fest will officially close on June 1st. Hope to see some interesting meta in the meantime.
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Every once in awhile [personal profile] blnchflr hosts a mini meta fest. The idea is this: Mini Meta Fest is open to everyone, but is especially geared towards those of us who want to engage in more informal meta, but need a little kick in the butt to get going and not be overwhelmed by having to produce long, well-thought-out meta.

What I want to do is something similar, but with a femslash focus. Here's how it'll work.

1. Submit topics you want to see meta about.

Topics can be anything so long as they related to femslash. Because there will be a masterlist instead of sending out topics to people individually canon-specific topics will not only be allowed, but encouraged.

Some example prompts: Pairing the Spares: Femslashing When There's Only Two Female Characters; Femslash and Doctor Who Fandom: Pairing Characters From Different Timelines, Where's the Femslash Little Black Dress?

Prompts will be collected for a week. Or until April 15th. You may submit as many prompts as you like. You don't need to plan on writing meta to submit prompts.

2. Masterlist of topics is posted.

Sometime on the 16th I will post a masterlist of all the topics. There you will hopefully see a topic or two (or three or four) that interest you.

3. Write mini meta about the topics.

Because this is a mini meta fest the goal is to write around 300 words on your topic, but that's just a guideline. Write 100 words or write 1000 if you get inspired. The point is to just write what your thoughts are on a given topic. This is very informal.

You can post your mini meta to the comm or a link to where you've posted it elsewhere. There is no official deadline for posting your meta, but I'm planning on doing a wrap up/round up post on June 1st. Plenty of time to get all your meta in.

4. Discuss femslash in the comments of the posts!

Because who doesn't like discussing femslash?


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