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Squeezing this one in just before the end of the fest here. Now I really want to go and record some more podfic...

As a podficer as I mostly read femslash stories and female centred gen. There are a few reasons for this. First off, I'm new to podficcing so I've started off somewhere safe, with my own stories and femslash and gen is largely what I write. Also the stories by other people I've podficced have been by fandom friends and, well we're friends for a reason, we share interests and preferences. Plus when I first discovered podfic it had only really established itself in a few fandoms and the majority of it was of slash fic. I think a certain number of people I know started making podfic because no one was podficcing the stories they wanted to listen to. It's still a small enough medium that in many cases if you spot a lack that annoys you, then you can run a 'thon on the topic and lo and behold its been rectified. I like that, I like that we can shape it and change it into what we need it to be.

More than any of these elements, when I was a teenager mainstream media didn't have people like me. I'm Scottish and bisexual, go on, how many characters can you think of on the tele or in movies that identify as that? Scottish and queer of any description is rare enough. Visibility is better these days (there are enough Scottish lesbians authors writing crime fiction that it's become a cliché) but still when I ask that question the only person who comes immediately to mind is still Alan Cummings. Visibility matters when you're trying to figure out who you are, knowing someone else has walked this path and got out, not just alive but happy means everything.

Mostly I read femslash (and in my own accent, or other Scottish accents – there's femslash in Gaelic I'll have you know, and one day I'll be literate enough to write porny femslash in Gaelic too) because I want people like me who live and love and save the world and I've given up waiting for someone else to do it.


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